This page is an example of what you will be asked to do when you order your suit. Scroll down to get an idea of how the on line ordering works and when you are ready to order, simply click the “Place Order” button. All measurements should be recorded in centimeters, not inches.

You will need assistance to take the measurements. We recommend that you enlist the help of one person to assist you with the tape measuring to do this.

Some measurements will recommend a two finger and one finger slack point. That means that you should be able to hold two fingers or one finger up side by side under the tape. This will effectively add a few centimeters to the fit each time. Please see the diagram for further explanation.

All measurements are to be taken in centimeters.

Please indicate how much you weigh, as well as your height in centimeters.


Around the chest1) Around the chest
At the height of the top of your nipples, run the tape fully around you from one side to the other.
Length of the chest2) Length of the chest
This is a top to bottom style measurement which will measure the length of the safari jacket from your shoulder to the bottom of the safari jacket which will be under the belt line, the line where your belt in your pants would sit.
Shoulder width3) Shoulder width
This is the distance from one point of your shoulder to the other.
Sleeve length4) Sleeve length
This will measure the length of your sleeve.
Short sleeves: top of the shoulder to the bottom of the elbow
Long sleeves: top of the shoulder to the webbing of your fingers
Middle of the bicep5) Middle of the bicep
The width of your bicep.
Around the middle of your bicep, keep the tape with one finger inside.
Stomach – belt line6) Stomach – belt line
This is the width and breadth of your stomach at the belt line, around your stomach, 5cm under your belly button.
Stomach – belly7) Stomach – belly
This measurement needs be taken at the same height as your belly button, tape runs over the belly button.


To take measurements of your safari pants, it is easier if you put on a well fitting pair of pants that you already have. Make sure they are sitting exactly as they normally would, at the same height on your hips you always wear your pants.

Length of safari pants8) Length of safari pants
From top to bottom.
Put on a pair of pants that fit well. Measure from the hip to the bottom of the cuff.
Hip to knee9) Hip to knee
This is the distance from above your belt line to 4cm above your knee.
10) Width of thigh
This is the width of your pants at thigh height. You need to go 4 cm above your knee. Run the tape around and keep one finger inside.
Note for measurement (10) Bell bottom
If you want a bell bottom, or flare, just add the amount of cm that you would like to add. The measurement at number 10 is the normal width, if you want a bell bottom add a few centimeters. Usual measurement to add is around 8 cm, 12 cm to be wild.
Size of the bottom11) Size of the bottom
Take the tape measure directly around your body at the highest point of your bottom.
Length of the crotch12) Length of the crotch
Put a pair of trousers on, you need to start with the tape at the top of the belt line directly above the fly. Take the tape measure under your crotch and all the way the back at the opposite point, at the top of the belt line. The tape should be resting against your current pants all the way under.
13) Your weight (in kilograms preferably)
14) Your height (in centimeters preferably)